Tuesday, December 8, 2009

no quilts today.

Here's my Apron collection.
Isn't that one on the left cute?
NO...I didn't make that one.
That was one of those impulse buys!
I bought it thinking I would give it to my husband to give to me for Christmas.
Anyone else do that?
I wanted to wear it NOW.
So I hung it on a hook and realized:
I now have an apron collection!
Maybe one of these days we could have an apron parade!
Wouldn't that be fun?

Then there's my little group of cans.
These cute little things hide reality.
As you can see, they're not doin' too good right now.
You can see baggies and rulers poking their heads out.
But, when I need to get rid of the evidence,
I clean it up a bit.
REMEMBER, I'm sewing in the dining room or
Wherever I can.
I'm kinda' all over the house sometimes. :)

And then this last week,
Sewing snuck into a practical backpack!
This red backpack was a given to my little girl.
yo-yo's were added that I found already made
in one of those pretty cans pictured above!!

Now we'll go to school with some flowers!
(Can you see the dog back there wishing he could go too?)


  1. Cute backpack! A backpack is on my list of things to sew for Sophie... I better get busy -
    Love the wallhanging quilt, very pretty!

  2. Super-doo cute! I'd love to jazz up one of the girls' backpacks, but they're such tomboys they'd just "undo" it! Dakota you lucky gal~maybe you could talk to Bethy for me~

  3. Cute, cute, cute the way you embellished the backpack. How do you think of these ideas?

    Before I had my quilting studio, I had supplies stored in a living room cabinet, the hall closet, the bedroom and the unfinished middle room. Did my sewing on our tiny kitchen table. Ooooh, I am SO lucky (and grateful) to have my own quilting room now.

  4. Well hey....aprons run a close second behind
    quilts...I have a box full of vintage aprons myself!! I wish I had some of your cute little tins too!! And I think yo-yos can
    sometimes be a girls best accessory!!!

  5. I love your aprons, the pom-pom one is really cute! Your tins are great too, I especially like the canister with the windmill on it.


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