Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It's not perfect, but this is how I've been dealing with a
This was my Fall cover up!
Here it is...
Dressed for Christmas!
I dream of having a cover up for all the seasons!
Or maybe, I'll be rich and famous before that
Get rid of the UGLY THING!

I was able to hang this today also.
It's one of my first quilts.
When I made this....I used ONLY some scraps that I had.
It's not too great.
Sometimes, when you make a quilt, you realize later
how you would have done it different...
that's the case with this one.
Oh well.

I was a busy girl today.
Along with hanging some seasonal quilts.
(not too difficult, by the way)
I finished TWO quilt tops.

Both of these tops need some quilting...don't they?
Neither of them have deadlines...
sooo....I will wait.
It takes me about a day of HARD labor to quilt these.
I think I'll rest for a bit.
Maybe pull them out after the holidays.
Or in a couple of months...??
I'm adding this post to kootoyoo's creative spaces!


  1. Do you sleep? Or have you zupped up your sewing machine so it runs double time. LOL Love both of them

  2. Just love that last quilt shown . . . the one with all the half square triangles. Just love it.

    And aren't you the clever one . . . hiding the air conditioner behind a quilt. I did the same thing in our entryroom. Put one over the electrical panel box. But I've never changed it for the seasons. (Rats, another good idea!)

  3. what a great solution! i think i'll make something for the ac in my hubby's office. it's such an eyesore!

  4. You've gotten lots done. I've been on vacation since before Thanksgiving and haven't gotten ANYTHING DONE. Hopefully tomorrow I can maybe get it in gear around here.

  5. I love the star quilt, especially the borders. Very cool! And the little holiday quilts are fun too. I like that scrappy tree quilt that was one of your first.

    And the picture of your Joseph's Coat quilt below? WOW!

  6. Beautiful quilt tops, Beth! I don't know how you do it!

  7. Wow! You got two quilts done -- that's wonderful. And they're beautiful too! Also, I love the fabrics you're using on your Joseph's Coat quilt -- I REALLY want to do that quilt-a-long but I've been resisting!

  8. Great idea for covering up ugly things! And good excuse to make a few more quilts. ;)

  9. I have one of those ugly ac units in my sewing room~what a great idea~a seasonal cover, except in the summer, of course! Have a good day Beth!

  10. What a smart creative gal you are. Great A/C
    covers....And don't you talk tacky about your
    little treet quilt....I LOVE IT...its soooo

  11. How do you do it? And more important how can I get it?

  12. Your scrappy quilts are lovely. Your controlled use of color makes for very nice results.


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