Thursday, December 31, 2009

a present

A little boy at my house is under the mistaken notion that
I like to cook!
Proof: My Christmas present.
Maybe he saw me looking at
"virtual window shopping".

Doesn't he know I QUILT???
Cooking is only a necessary activity!! :)
Today I'll try out my new mixer.

Isn't she pretty??
remember my old one??

I found out that the old one was really slow!!
This new one is like a race car in comparison!

It whipped up the cookie dough in
NO time!!
The old one struggled with cookie dough,
so I always stirred it by hand.
Gone are those days!!!

Maybe I DO like cooking....???

I know everyone at my house likes this part...

Licking the beaters!
The old ones are so much thicker!
They probably hold more of that yummy batter!

Oh NO!
Don't tell the kids!

Just show 'em the cookies!!!


  1. Ha ha! I agree that cooking is only necessary in comparisson to quilting, but sometimes it can be fun. Especially when the result is liked by picky little ones! =)

  2. A new mixer? Better watch out . . . today cookies, tomorrow souffles! ;o) (And just think of all the time you'll save now whipping up real whipped cream!)

  3. Happy New Mixer to you, Beth! What a (literally) sweet gift from your son.


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