Wednesday, December 9, 2009

get well wishes

I've been looking forward to today ALL week!
Today's the day all the ladies from class brought their 9 patch blocks for Jean!
I couldn't wait to see them
Well...I did wait...of course, I HAD too!
Waiting is hard for me sometimes. :)
Don't know if you remember, but we decided to make a
disappearing nine patch.
Everyone made a 9 patch using 5" squares.
Then we need to cut them up a bit.
Well, there's a little problem with that cute girl in the picture above.
If I make this into a D9P (disappearing 9 Patch)
That cute little girl with disappear all right!!
And this signature will disappear also!

We laid out the 9 patches.
I think they look nice just the way they are...don't you?

Now some of the ladies are overachievers and cut their
9 patches already!!

We will just have to use them around the outside of the
quilt for a border!!

I can't wait to show you what it looks like all together.
But, I do have to wait!!!

So many things are calling my name right now!

I hear the Christmas cards calling...
the packages that need to be sent are calling.....
and, oh yeah! The house says it needs to be cleaned too.....

I told the sewing machine it would just have to wait!


  1. This is going to be a wonderfully special quilt!

    ....sniff....sniff....poor miss sewing machine

  2. Don't cut up the girl, she's too cute!

  3. oh no! I won't! We're going the leave the 9 patches "as is". I'll use the few D9P's that were made as a border.

  4. It really is the time of year when just too darn many things are calling for our attention! Which "voice" do we answer first?!?

    The quilt for your friend is going to be so colorful. Just the thing to chirk her up.

  5. I never thought about doing the DP9 as a border... Great idea!!!!!


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