Friday, December 18, 2009


The sewing machine is going to have to slow down this week as
cooking takes over!
The cute little cover here was designed by a local quilter
and I bought the pattern from her a few years ago.
Don't think the pattern was ever printed and sold elsewhere...
but I could be wrong.
This is the first reverse applique' project I completed!
What fun!
So as the sewing machine languishes....

I'll be doing a little cooking with the help (YEAH!)
from daughters and daughter-in-law.
My new daugher-in-law LOVES to make whipped cream.
THIS POOR mixer just isn't up to the challenge. sweet Daughter-in-law always brings
her own mixer over when we have family meals.

I can't blame her.
This little piece of equipment is over 25 years old.
Maybe it doesn't go fast enough..??

I've always been a cool-whip kind o' gal.
Now that I know how good the REAL stuff is...
It's hard to go back!

Next week, I hope to let you know how a NEW mixer works!
In the meantime I'll be cooking.....
cleaning ....
wrapping gifts....
and dreaming...

I see a lot of good dreams over here....

What are you dreaming about?


  1. Just how cute is that cover? I like the old appliances. They work just fine. Says the woman with all ANTIQUES. Finished my last on-line gifts today. Merry Christmas Beth.

  2. That's a cute sewing machine cover - you don't have to wonder about what's underneath it.

  3. My mixer is more than 27 years old, I got it before I moved away from home. It takes forever to make whipped cream with it, but it's still the one I use:-)

  4. What am I dreaming of? A long, slow January involving a LOT of quilting!

    Happy Holidays, Beth, to you and your family.

  5. Your mixer looks just like my mother's, except that she's had to replace the old rinky-dink one with a new rinky-dink one every few years or so. It goes so slow that, well, it makes me throw up my hands. But she's a real whipped cream lady, so I guess as long as it works to make that, she's happy. Bless her heart!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! (And your quilts are VERY beautiful.)


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