Monday, December 28, 2009

baby coins

A baby was born right before Christmas!
Of course, I knew the baby was coming....
but I had not given any thought to the quilt I
knew I'd be making until
This quilt came together so easily!
First I cut some 3" strips.
sewed some together.
Then I started cutting those into 10" pieces.
There are 10 of the those 10" "coins" in each row.
When all three rows were done, I thought it needed something else.
I rummaged around in my bag of 3" squares.
Yeah! I found some to match in a scrappy kind of way.:)
White sashing.
Pinned and ready!


  1. Oh, you've inspired me to finish my baby coins quilt. I ran out of the white sashing fabric, bought some, but have never gotten around to finishing it. Coin quilts are so simple, but look so nice. I like your small square strips in there. Nice touch!

  2. Cute, simple and fast . . . what could be better? Very attractive.

  3. Amazing is all I can say. You always Amaze me.

  4. Adorable, Beth, which reminds me I too have a baby quilt that needs to get started...


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