Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One thing leads to another

I've been away from a home a LOT lately!
It's hard to quilt and sew when traveling!

It's not as hard to knit!
These little coasters are a special request.
The yarn was admired.
The idea to make coasters was put out there
after the young couple saw me working on dishcloths....
I got to WORK!!!
These little coasters are a variation on
that OLD knitting pattern for dishcloths
 that's been around FORever!

The wedding is in August
and my daughter and soninlaw-to-be
LOVE these colors.
They also like homemade.
Makes this mama a HAPPY mama!


This photo needs some COFFEE!
so do i.


  1. Very pretty!!!! I love these colors too!!!! Nice to have young people to love home made!!!!!

  2. Those are very cute coasters. You are right that knitting is a very portable project.

  3. I really like these! Where is the pattern? I read where you got the idea but I would like to make them also. Thanks

  4. Knitting is a great take along project for the car. I love the colors you used in those wonderful coasters, Beth. The kids will love them.

  5. I remember doing dishcloths allright, but these coasters are the cutest! Love the diagonal design.

  6. They are cute! Your young couple has good taste.

  7. Very cute! Happiest of wishes for the young couple.

  8. These are too cute. I started knitting these dishcloths a couple of years ago as practice and when I gave them away to family and friends everyone loved them. The coasters are a really great idea. I knit the dish cloths until I have 49 stitches and then start to decrease how many stitch before you start to decrease for the coasters?

  9. So adorable! What a lovely present. I love your blog and I just added you to my blogroll, thanks for all the great stuff!

    Emily at


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