Wednesday, April 30, 2014

bunnies, babies and hats

A little something for the new baby
big brother and sister.

These little golden books are GOLDEN OLDIES!
I have "Home for a Bunny"
IMPRINTED on my brain
from the many readings I've done over the years!!

"Where can a bunny find a HOME??"

Amazon has quite of few
classic golden books to choose from.
I bought a few to add to upcoming baby gifts.

This little hat began with some
WONDERFUL yarn (cotton and wool? no tags) 
I picked up at a thrift store.
It was a partial skein...
so I added the Pink/peachy yarn
 to STRETCH it a bit.


If you're wondering HOW the story ends...
Bunny DOES find a home.


  1. You have to love the classics.

  2. Golden books are my favorite! -Brittany

  3. I do love a happy ending :0) that is one reason I love childrens books too. Of course having a
    granddaughter who can't get enough of being read to increases my love of them all.
    Sweet hat the little swirl at the top is adorable.

    Happy Sewing

  4. I love giving books to children. Your little hat is adorable!

  5. What nice gifts those will make. I love the little hat.

  6. the Pokey little puppy. my favorite book as a child. so nice love the hat and the books


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