Monday, April 7, 2014

Christmas quilt along

On the first Monday of every month
I've been adding a piece to my Christmas quilt.
This month, my addition is SO simple.
Simple things add a LOT to quilts!
I'm adding the small checkerboard blocks under the house.
After seeing the picture here on my blog...
I'm thinking SMALLER blocks would look even BETTER!
Oh well..
It's done.
And that's always a GOOD thing.

I made these blocks using 2" strips.
I cut ONE strip of white....

Cut THAT strip in half.

I added TWO greens to each half strip.
(2" wide)

Cut my "blocks" into 2" segments
and turned them into a "checkerboard" style strip.
First I added a 2 1/2" wide strip under the house...
then my checkerboard.
It just so happens they fit PERFECTLY together.
If they didn't....
I would have trimmed the house block a little bit.

I have a few blocks left over.
That's o.k.
I may use them later!

Instructions for previous blocks are on the
CHRISTMAS quilt along page.
If you ARE joining in...
we'd ALL love to see your progress on the flickr page!
This is a FREE and easy quilt along.
Not many EXACT instructions.
Lots of leeway!!!
Lots of FUN!
Lots of CREATIVE elbow room!


  1. For what it's worth, I think the size of your checkerboard is just right. If it were smaller, it would lose some of it's graphic impact. I love your Christmas quilt ... and just might HAVE to jump in and join you before it's too late.

  2. Hi!!!!! Thanks Beth!!!!! I like the checkerboard!!!! I have not done one like your big green tree yet!!!!! Those little ones gave me a time!!!!!! So I am going to go ahead a try a big one!!!!! Practice will help!!? Right!!!!! I love the look of the slice and insert so got to get better at it!!!!! Thanks for all you are putting into this!!!!!

  3. The checker board is the perfect addition.

  4. Very cute. It's coming together so nicely.


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