Sunday, April 20, 2014

Soft and Warm and Done

That's ALL we can do right now.
There are no grandbabies the right size for this....
My VERY first REAL knitting project.

Help me admire.
I'll put it in a SAFE place and WAIT.
There will be a baby someday.
A baby that fits this sweater perfectly.
It doesn't have to be today.
I really don't mind  holding on to this one just a BIT longer.
This sweater would not be complete if I didn't have knitting friends.
EXPERT knitters.
Thankfully they came on a retreat with me last weekend.
Thankfully they let me PESTER them all weekend
as I finished up this sweater.
Yes....I pestered them 24/7.
Thankfully....they haven't told me to STOP asking questions!!!
When they do..
I might have to use Youtube for instructions!!!
I will if I HAVE TO.
Thankful for my friends today.


  1. That "someday" baby is going to be adorable in that sweet sweater, Beth. I can see it now.

  2. Oh Beth it is beautiful. Congratulations on finishing your first baby sweater. Yes just give it time and a lovely warm baby will be taking ownership.

  3. A lovely sweater!
    Congratulations. You can be very proud.

  4. Love the sweater! I've been wanting to make one, too. I'm kind of nervous about that hurdle. I've only been knitting for 50 years, so... it might be too early in my knitting career. Maybe you have given me the courage. :-)

  5. A beautiful sweater! Nice work, it looks lovely. Great to have good friends to turn to with craft questions!

    Emily at

  6. Nice job and a lovely color. Now that you conquered the baby sweater, bigger sweaters are only a matter of time. YouTube is the best for learning new techniques. Second to friends that is.

  7. That's the trouble with making kid clothes... will it be the right season for this when they are this size. Can I get it done in time for them to be this size... (You know they grow faster when you are sewing something.) You did a great job!! and learned a bunch, I bet.


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