Monday, April 14, 2014

A Parade

Since I'm on a retreat committee...
there are jobs to be done!
Registering ladies..... making schedule booklets...
nametags...contacting the venue.....
getting there early to welcome everyone...
I didn't do those jobs.
I said I'd make table mats for the centerpieces.

Some were modern.

Some were warm.

I had fun machine quilting...

Using UP my UFOs...

as well as some orphan blocks that were given to me!

I hand quilted some of them.

The hand quilting really added something to this one!

I figured if I used lots of DIFFERENT colors and styles...
there'd be something for everyone!
These table mats were bid on
and thankfully they all have NEW HOMES!

They are made with quilt blocks that no LONGER
have to sit in boxes and bags
WAITING to be quilts!!!

These quilt blocks
 have a JOB to do.

They are
Making someone's kitchen table
a WARM and happy place to be.

They are doing what BIG quilts do!
Spreading warmth and happiness ALL AROUND!
Some of these orphan blocks were gifts from YOU!
I want to thank all my blog friends who FILLED my orphan drawer last year.
It was so wonderful to dig through and find little GEMS
to use as I made these table mats.
They all have GOOD homes now...
I double checked!!
And they have a life of USEFUL service ahead of them.


  1. and I like each one of them, except the last one. That I love :-)
    You continue to inspire me!!

  2. I want a Heart or Like key here.

  3. All so lovely. Hard to decide which one to bid on. Maybe that blue check with flowered border. The hand quilting adds so much.

  4. fun! good for you for giving them new life. how was your retreat?

    1. The retreat was GREAT. The kind of retreat that's good for the SOUL. ;)

  5. Way to make something out of the o. blocks. Love all of them!

  6. Those are gorgeous and you did such a nice job with them.

  7. Everybody loves a parade, and your parade of rescued orphan blocks cheers our souls. Nice work on your part and thank you for photographing them before releasing them to their new homes.

  8. Wow what a great that all those orphans have found a new home :0)

    Happy Sewing

  9. oh what where did I put my orphan always inspire me!

  10. Beautiful blocks,every one! So much love in quilting. They certainly are sure to spread happiness.

    Emily at

  11. Hi!!! They are all so sweet and cheerful!!!! I am sure they are spreading happiness!!!!!

  12. What a labor of love! They are all fabulous!!! Congrats. Bet everyone loved 'em to death.


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