Monday, December 26, 2011

A little progress

I've made a little bit of progress on my half square triangle border!
It's been hard though.....

There's a grandbaby to hold.....

and ALL my kids are here!!!!
In ONE place!

When things calm down...
I'll make some more of these!


  1. Some things are definitely more important than sewing or blogging!!!!

  2. Oh it would be really hard to put that beautiful baby down........what a beautiful family :0)

    Happy sewing and Happy 2012

  3. How nice to have a grand baby to hold. we don't have nay yet. My oldest is getting married in September. I've enjoyed having the kids home--I have 3 plus their partners, my daughter is in Korea though.
    I had a little quiet time today though.

  4. It's a wonderful picture of your family. You must be very proud. Merry Christmas

  5. You have a beautiful family. So happy that ya'll were all able to get together for Christmas!
    Sweet new grandbaby. My new grandbaby is 6 weeks old. they are so much fun!

    Merry Christmas from South Louisiana

    Have a safe, healthy, happy 2012!

  6. Beautiful family and little baby! Don't you love family gatherings :D
    Love you boarder. Love the bright, bold colors! It's coming along nicely.

  7. What a great looking family to make quilts for!! You are lucky indeed.

  8. quilts can wait but having family around...especially little babies never can

  9. Heck with the sewing... doesn't happen everyday that you have kids and grands at home. Lovely family sewn together! And a baby... sounds like heaven!

  10. Kiss those grandbabies! ;-) Great Half squares! I got side tracked on mine.. LOL! what else is new! ;-)

  11. I'd spend time holding that grand daughter too! Our grand daughter is 11 weeks old! Happy New Year!


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