Friday, December 2, 2011

Give a quilt!

I bet you have some friends and relatives
that could CARE LESS about quilts.
That's o.k.
Then there are the people that
REALLY, REALLY love them!!!!

Those are the people I want to
MAKE sure
get a quilt from me!

It's sometimes Tricky figuring out
who they are! ;)

I found out last week there was someone in
who would LOVE to receive a quilt.

I didn't hesitate.
I quilted this one up!

Here's the backing!
I love the way the blues all blend together
with a festive feel!!!!

My friend has had a really hard few years now.
She's elderly, lost her husband a couple of years ago....
and last month she had a bad fall.

When she told me how much she LOVES my quilts....
I HAD to give her one!

It's ONE thing to donate a quilt to someone in need who you don't know...
to give to someone in need that you DO know!!!!!

I bet YOU'VE got someone in YOUR life
who would really appreciate
a QUILT!!!!

By the way!
Thanks to everyone joining me
I'm having such a FUN time
collecting and DREAMING about
ALL the house blocks becoming quilts!!!

I'm having a December SALE
on license plate frames.
Just click the little picture on the sidebar.
It will take you to my little shop!

Have a GREAT weekend!
Hope you get some sewing time in!!!!


  1. Hi, I'm sure your friend will love her quilt. She's lucky to have a friend who can make one for her. I'm about to make one for someone who I hope will love it. It will be the first time I've made one for someone I know.

  2. This quilt is beautiful and donate one of our quilt (our creature!!) to someone is a great thing! A true deed of love!

  3. i loved this post, beth. i can only imagine how delightful it was to give this lovely quilt to your friend. i bet it brings her so much joy! i agree, sometimes it's hard to know who would love a quilt from you. but once you do know, how fun to pick (or make) that perfect one for them! you are such a good friend!

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday! :)

  4. Great when you can give a quilt to someone who really appreciates them! This one is such a bright cheery one.

    When a friend had a neck surgery awhile back, I sent her a quilt. (Always nice to keep a couple back for such times.) I was blown away by how much she loved my quilt. That is always fun! ...and stays around longer than flowers too.

  5. That is so giving of yo to pass the quilt to an elderly friend. I do know what yo mean though. i gave to a friend who had cancer rather than request from Victoria Quilts. It is lovely feeling.

  6. How wonderful! I am sure your gift will be cherished forever! whoop whoop!

  7. Great quilt! I totally agree about quilting for those who really want one - sooo gratifying making their quilty dreams come true!

  8. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I'm sure it will comfort and cheer your friend. Isn't this what it's all about!

  9. Beautiful quilt. You are right.
    She will love it.

  10. Fantastic Job! It will be a lovely way to end the year for your friend!

  11. I love this quilt, Beth - and what a special gift for your friend! Whoop whoop!!


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