Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The party's just beginning!!!

I received the FIRST of many house blocks today!
The blogland party is just beginning!!!
Kathy sent this one.....

and this cute little yellow bungalow!

I'd love to live among so many flowers!!!
Wouldn't you????

Michele sent one too!!!!

There's still LOTS of time to
"build" a 12"x12" house....
mail it to me....
and then
CROSS your fingers!!!

YOU might be the winner of
some GREAT blogland houses!

What a cute quilt that will be!!!


  1. I mailed my house out yesterday, so on it's way. Very conservative compared to these.

  2. oh the pressure is on....
    i want to join too.....
    but the pressure.... (and i'm not talking foot either)...

  3. Eva, Did I say PRESSURE??? Oops! Meant to say the opposite. ;)
    I'll send my address and you can decide NOT to do it!!!!
    Quilting is supposed to be FUN!

  4. Love all the houses too.
    My block is on it's way from Aussie.

  5. It was so much fun last time, Beth, count me in again!

  6. Kathy's houses are awesome! I love the sky and hills in the first one.

  7. I was all ready to send mine but I'm not sure about it. I may do another one.
    These are so cute.

  8. these are so adorable. i love the fabric she used for sky in the first one.