Saturday, November 26, 2011

Triangle Tree!

I finished my triangle challenge....

I had LOTS of help in the kitchen!

Slicing and dicing.....

Stirring and mixing!!!!

For this little mini quilt I added some fast finish triangles.
It's an easy way for my swap partner to hang the quilt....
IF she wants to.
I used 5" squares, folded them

put them in the top corners before
stitching the binding down.

I LOVED putting ALL those stitches in!
Stitching and talking...
Talking and stitching....
A wonderful way to spend
 THANKSGIVING weekend!!!


  1. I LOVE that tree and you quilting makes it! Excellent. Looks like fun in the kitchen.

  2. Of course she will want to hang it. It is so cool. The hand quilting really makes it and the triangle border is great.

  3. Cute triangle tree. Lucky you with all the kitchen help. Looks like everyone had fun.

  4. What a great group of helpers. It is what Thanksgiving is all about, family together. The added bonus of finishing up the triangle tree is just whipped cream on the pumpkin pie.

    I love the triangle idea for hanging. Never saw that before.

  5. Beautiful and fun tree Beth!!! I enjoy seeing your family photos as well. Great helpers you have there.

  6. Yes. I see Lots of help in the kitchen :D
    Sweet little triangle tree. Reminds me of the little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

  7. lovely, lovely, lovely. I was going to suggest those fast finish triangle for the challenge, but I forgot.

  8. It's great! I love the stitches - is it perle cotton?

  9. Lots of fun for all. Beautiful work - in the kitchen and the sewing :0)

  10. The hand quilting looks so great! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you. :)

  11. I love your little triangle tree! And thanks for the tip about the quick-hang corners - I've never seen them done that way before, but it's so easy!!

  12. I agree, love your triangle tree! What a great idea - and your hand stitching is lovely! in the kitchen? Priceless!

  13. Your tree quilt is fabulous!!
    what a nice group of kitchen helpers
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving

  14. Love the way it turned out!

    Great help with the cooking. We had Thanksgiving on Saturday so my Thursday was free!


  15. I love the triangle tree! The quilting is wonderful, and the backing is so cute. You do such amazing work.

  16. wow, Beth, I LOVE how you quilted it! Adorable. And your helpers and kitchen look so fun and festive :)