Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Neighborhood news!

Here's Julia's win from last years party!
Isn't this one sweet?
Do you see your home in there???
Thanks for sharing Julia!

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  1. No Not my House but there are some beauties.

  2. I do see my home here! Middle bottom row - my red and white house on top of the hill :) What a cute quilt it ended up in - good job Julia!

  3. what a fun quilt she made. Mine is not here, I think it went to someone else maybe.
    happy thanksgiving

  4. I see mine, with the wonky christmas tree. Your quilt looks great Julia. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, B.

  5. That is sweet. I finished up my wonky house just now. Working free form is not as easy as it looks! I just have to add a small border to make it the right size.

  6. Beth, wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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