Tuesday, December 6, 2011

T-shirt quilt

Cutting up T-shirts is NOT for the FAINT hearted!
You hold your breath......and zip across with your rotary blade!!!

One of the reasons is probably
the SENTIMENTAL value of these ordinary things!!!

It gets easier as you go....
It's a bit unnerving!!!

Cutting up PERFECTLY good shirts...
Well.....these are QUITE worn loved..
but still....

These shirts were LOVED to death
by a little boy...
now a grown man with a wife!!!!

Quilting is going to give
 to these treasures from childhood!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

I'm so glad I have that tutorial to follow on MY blog!! --->
LOL!!! :0
It's nice to have a reminder Handy
 on HOW to do something!!!


  1. Looking forward to the finished quilt.

  2. Hard to cut because of the memories? This new quilt will be equally loved as each of those t-shirts.

  3. I know the recipients love the finished quilt, but having just finished two tshirt quilts, I can't say I loved making them. hard to cut, hard to iron, hard to sew, hard to quilt.

  4. Some awesome T's there - going to be a super quilt.

  5. What a treasure you are creating. It is sure to be loved!

  6. This is great Beth...I'm sure it will be a wonderful surprise when he sees it all finished!! I'm afraid I would be a weiner in trying to make one. I had a friend who asked me if I did any T-shirt quilts and I said NO!!! HA!!


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