Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ta DAh!

It's done!!
woo Hoo!

I wanted to quilt some straight lines...
but knew that my walking foot would NOT like the t-shirts
so I used tape, feed dogs down, free motion foot
and WAVY lines.

I marked the quilt one line at a time with tape at 4" intervals.

I just love the border
and am so happy I had some fabric in my stash for this one!
Chalk up another quilt that didn't require a shopping trip!!!

Isn't the back fun???
I had some leftover half square triangles that just HAD to be included.
Don't you think?

Thanks for listening to me gab about this one
ALL week long!!!
It's fun to BRING YOU along on all my sewing adventures!!!
It sure makes the sewing more fun!!!
Have a great weekend!

I'm off to wash dishes at my big kid's formal dinner party!
I've been washing dishes for this party for the last few years.
I get to sample the gourmet food as I wash.
Not a BAD deal at all!!!!


  1. Congrats on another great finish Beth and just in time for Christmas :0).
    I hope this one gets lots of loving, I really enjoying seeing my quilts being used :0).

    Happy Sewing

  2. What a beautiful quilt... the HST border makes it!
    Congratulations on another great finish!

  3. That is a beautiful quilt, Beth! Love the half square triangles on the front AND the back, and the border/binding fabric is fabulous -just the right pop of color! Whoop whoop!!!!

  4. You rock! How you got that done so quickly is beyond me! It looks fantastic!

  5. Its great Beth. You are an inspiration. How do you get so much done.

  6. Beth, I love it! It is like a National Geographic piece! Gorgeous border and the back is so clever. Great job.

  7. Beautiful job...quite amazing actually!

  8. GREAT idea to use painters tape!!! I'm gonna try that! Thanx for the inspiration. Sew On!

  9. I would like to start quilting my own quilts and would love to know how you got your wavy lines so nice and even and symmetrical. I did some straight quilting beside tape on tablerunners for Christmas gifts but love the softness of the wavy lines for other projects.
    begoodbabe, Edmonton, AB


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