Monday, October 31, 2011

Field of flowers

I'm stitching a field of flowers among the
I spy blocks.

Kind of like snowflakes.....

No TWO are exactly alike.

I'm aiming my needle in the center of each block....

Doodling Four corner petals.....

and then...
filling in four more between.

Wondering if the I spy blocks should get quilted
left alone!

It's not all flowers and stitching here though.
Sometimes it's
Rah Rah!!
Go Team Go!!!

Nice to have a little BALANCE in life...Hmmm?


  1. Oh my.... I love those flowers in the white blocks... great idea!

  2. Hi Beth,
    Love the quilting on the I Spy! I wouldn't quilt the IS squares. You know how circular quilting can make squares look like they aren't squares? I've noticed that the quilting can change the design in some cases. I generally want my IS squares to be easily "read". It'll be a different kind of texture to leave them unquilted, too. The back will be quite interesting if they are blank, or quilted as squares. That's just my opinion... You have such good instincts.

  3. is that one of your i can not imagine my son being taller than me though i know it is bound to happen.....i love the a novice FM quilter can you tell me what you do with your thread when you are starting and finishing a flower like that?

  4. Leslie- Yes. I'm standing with my 17 year old son. He IS TALL. As for quilting: If you don't want the threads to show you pull up the bottom thread before beginning each flower and leave tails there in the center. Then you have to go back and hide them with a needle. This time I think I'll be lazy and just trim the threads close to the quilt. ;)

  5. You make the fmq look so doable. I might be tempted to try. Selina

  6. Cute quilting and hunk of a son! Maybe just an X through the charms?

  7. Your quilting really adds to the fun of this quilt!

  8. I do like the look of the picture blocks without stitching inside them. Would it take away from the block to have more done than is necessary? Just thinking outloud :)

  9. The flowers look wonderful in the blocks! It is a great way to do the I Spy quilts.

  10. The quilted flowers look great!
    Go Team!

  11. such a beautiful quilt! Love the fMQ flowers. I'm yet to try it on a quilt - have practised in a class only! No quilting for IS blocks - they are just too cute as they are!


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