Friday, October 28, 2011

5 inch FUN!

Today I'm working away on my I SPY quilt.
Carla had a swap in the summer and I played along.
I even had a bunch of blocks pieced together....
but I never finished it!

It needed a few more 5" I spy squares...
I'm sure
You know how that goes.....
You set it aside waiting to get more fabric...
and then.....
it gets forgotten! :/

My little girl's birthday is NEXT week
and I would love to get this one done for her!!!

Most eight year olds would not really appreciate this quilt..
but my little girl has some developmental delays and
She's going to have some fun with this one!!
It makes my stitching time
VERY happy
thinking about her sweet disposition
her enjoyment of LIFE!!!

I'm kind of proud of myself for piecing some of the blocks
that needed to GROW to be 5 inches!
Isn't that owl cute???

and these big trucks needed a little whimsy as they GREW!

One of my VERY favorite blocks!
My DREAM vacation home!

All I need now is a small white border....
a lot of little scrappy pieces around the outside....
Can I get it together by next week????

I think I can...I think I can...I think I can.....


  1. I love Eye Spy quilts. It looks as though you have a lot of fun charms in yours. I'm sure your daughter will have fun with it.

  2. I haven't had the occasion to make an I Spy yet but would like to someday. Your little girl will really enjoy looking for all the figures. It will be a great conversation piece. My kids used to love the Where's Waldo books and this is similar.
    good luck getting it finished!

  3. I'm sure she'll love it. An 8 year old AND a grand child - you spread them out a bit! ll

  4. I love I Spy quilts... there such fun... and I l.o.v.e. LOVE that square with the trailer!!!

    I have every confidence that you will be able to finish this up by somebody's b'day!!!

  5. such a nice I Spy quilt. I love to make those.
    It is my regular baby shower gift these days and all the moms seem to like them.
    Have a great weekend!
    i enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Great quilt love the assortment of blocks. Never thought to make a spy block bigger. Wonderful idea. She will love it and of course you'll have it done. I have faith in you.

  7. Like KatieQ said--I love Eye Spy quilts!! and yours is a beauty!

  8. It's going to be great. I think kids of all ages(myself included) love I Spy quilts. They're just so fun.

  9. Yours is a lovely I spy quilt. I've noticed adults having fun with mine, so I'm sure your daughter will love it!

  10. GO!!!!

    will look forward to seeing the finished quilt

  11. Your I spy quilt is just too cute!! :o)

  12. I know you can - you always do! It's a beautiful quilt and your daughter will love it!!

  13. Yes you can!!!! Love your fun eye spy. It will look great with the scrappy border.

  14. And I SPY some charms that I sent you....I'm so tickled to see your quilt, Beth!

  15. That is wonderful!! Love you dream vacation home :)

  16. How fun! After following your blog for a while, I know you can!

  17. Charm quilts are always so much fun! She's going to love it I am sure!

  18. I know you can, I know you can, I know you can,
    you're very sweet!!

  19. this is fabulous...i have been thinking about a i spy for my little one, but she won't get the concept just yet so i have a little time.

  20. I'm not eight years old, and I love this quilt. What fun!


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