Saturday, October 22, 2011


Nothing says "WELCOME" better than a QUILT!!!

Even if it IS small.....

Even if it Does quickly STAIN!!!

I'm hoping..
These little potholders quilts will say welcome for a GOOD long TIME!

I'm giving them to the newest members of our church tomorrow
with a cookbook.

I hope these Pretty little orphan blocks will
warm our new friends hearts
for many MEALS to come!

Potholders are so easy to make.
I can't resist making them
when the opportunity comes along!!!


  1. What a good idea to use orphan blocks for a project like this!

    *mentally filing away the idea*

  2. They're almost too pretty to use, but I know they will be adored.

  3. You're so sweet Beth. Really you are!

  4. Definetly to pretty to use but wonderfully warm and welcoming to look at. Great gift idea.

  5. that is such a great welcome present....and perfect way to give old blocks a new home.

  6. I didn't realize it was happening tomorrow and I agree, what a nice welcome gift. Always 'above and beyond', you are :)

  7. What a great gift! These are so cute!

  8. I too use my orphan blocks for potholders. Now the 12" blocks becomes pillows. Great gift adding the recipe book.

  9. What a lovely thoughtful gift. Well done you.

  10. Simply darling potholders. I adore that colorful border fabric around your sweet blocks. What a lovely way to welcome new friends! May the blessings you pour out onto others be returned to you in abundance.