Tuesday, April 12, 2011

straight lines.

I'm sewing LOTS of straight lines.
This way.......
That way.
Gets kind of boring. ;/

I will say I'm driving OVER some
very. pretty. fabric!!!
Lots of pretty blocks sent from all over the world
to make these quilts for Japan!
Thank you.

I'm so tempted to play....
These string blocks are sitting on the floor
calling my name
Their voices are pretty loud too!!!!

"Come and make some more of US
so WE can be a QUILT too!!!!!"


  1. Bless you for doing all this quilting... these quilts will find a home and be loved!

    Thank you, Beth!

  2. Your string/strip pieced blocks are really cool!

  3. I love your "someday" quilt, it's beautiful! That string/strip one is pretty neat too- simple yet pretty!

  4. Those string blocks are VERY cool indeed! You always inspire me. Great job on the turbo quilting!

  5. What a cool string quilt! Kind of reminds me of the woven potholders we used to make as kids.....

  6. How great that you doing the quilting yourself on the quilts for Japan. A big job! And many thanks to you for all your work on this.

    Your string blocks are awesome all together!! I may have to try that technique . . . I think I've figured out how you made those.

  7. I find I have to break that boring straight line quilting up with a little play - quilt so many rows, play a little, quilt so many, play a little..........

  8. You are a special person to do all that quilting. Bless you. I really love the string blocks. They are adorable. Hugs

  9. I know what you mean when you say the blocks are calling you! We crafters have so much to do and so little time to do it! Can't wait to see what you do with them though.
    Teresa x