Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An old friend

Meet an old friend.
Miss Pfaff.
She's dependable..does zigzag....
Is portable....and did I mention...dependable?

My work horse, Ms. JUKI, is visiting the sewing machine hospital.
They say it's not life threatening.....
Noise, Jamming, Even her light went out!!!
Ooooh...but I DO GIVE her a WORKOUT!
Guess I owe her a little R&R.
The question is....
How l-o-n-g is this R&R going to BE?????

Lovely, Miss Pfaff finished up the last bit of straight lines yesterday
and I've told her she's going to need to help me get the binding on!!!

But I know she'll persevere.
She's a saint.
Doesn't even get her feelings hurt when I tell her how much I miss
Ms. JUki!!!!

I sure miss MS. JUKI!

I miss her speed!!!
I miss her needle down everytime I pause!!!!
Oooh, I miss her speed!!!!
I miss her extension table!!!!!



  1. Get well very soon and very inexpensively, Ms Juki! You are missed....

  2. never miss the water til the well runs dry. We take our little friends for granted til they start to feel unwell and need some TLC. Hope she's back with you soon.

  3. Funny, funny. I feel the same about my Juki, but shhsssss, don't tell my Viking or my Pfaff. Hope Juki is cured very soon.

  4. Did she need stitches? Sorry I just couldn't resist! Hope she back real soon.

  5. Oh Dear!!!
    My deepest sympathy?? hugs to you....
    I can imagine how that would feel...
    I know Ms Juki is tough....and she'll be home soon......

  6. I'm so sorry!!! I feel your pain!! My Juki has moved to the top of the list of things I go to get in case of a fire.....

  7. Hope she is better soon! Too bad you can't buy health insurance for her.

  8. What a hoot. I hope Ms Juki gets well soon but I bet Miss Pfaff is have fun being in the limelight.

  9. After going months without a good machine I completely understand.

    TRex is in the shop right now...and I don't miss him too much...but I'm ready for him to come home. I have denim to sew.

  10. I feel your pain! My little Bettina is in the hospital and has been for three weeks now (she got into a show-down with the dog...don't ask...) I sure hope she comes home this week as I've got a quilt to make before next Friday!

  11. Yeah, I feel the same way about my Juki. Gotta love the Juki. Maybe have a little affair with the Juki. If it weighed less, I might just have a little weekend getaway with my Juki.

    The best part? Husband knows about Juki and is not jealous...he actually encourages our relationship!


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