Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What are you up to today??

My daughter is dodging tornadoes in Tennesse.
Glad to know there's underground places to be
at her school!!!

Sweet Linda
Is driving to Colorado FROM California
making a very special delivery!!!

YOUR quilts for Japan.
She is more than sweet, I'd SAY!!!!!

She and her husband plus son-in-law plus grandson
just Happened to be going to Denver this week!!!!
She really wanted to be the
special delivery person for these great quilts!!!!

She's going to make a little side trip to
Golden, Colorado!!!
She has the address.
She has the phone number.

Thank you.
thank you.

 I'm over here jumping for joy!
You know why??
I had an art quilt accepted into a juried exhibit!!
It will be hanging first at the Long Beach International quilt show...
The exhibit is called "Bridges".

So many emotions today!!!!
My daughter...a little worried about that one.
Linda....driving those quilts ALL that way!
Me.....excitement about being accepted into a big show!

They're all rumbling around my head
and my heart!!!


  1. Prayers for your daughter in that nasty weather. Thanks to Linda for personally delivering all those great quilts. And, especially, congrats to you for getting your quilt into the Long Beach International Quilt show!!! I will most definitely be looking for it when I go in July! How very cool!!!!

  2. Congratulations on the exhibit, Beth, how exciting! Hope everything is well with your daughter and the helpful quilt courier!

  3. My daughter and family are dodging them in Birmingham, AL. They all go into a BIG closet with their phones and computers and snacks. I don't which is worse, tornados or my Florida hurricanes. They are both frightening.

    They will all be safe. Fruma in Yiddish means standing next to G-d! So I spoke to her...LOL

  4. Congratulations on being accepted into the show. Fantastic!

  5. So many storms today. I'll say a prayer. I'm happy for your exhibit...looking forward to seeing the quilt...still remember that bird quilt you cool!

  6. Such a great post! So tough about the big storms. Love that wonderful quilt donation! But really, Congrats about your quilt being in a show!!

  7. I'm sure your DD will be fine... but understand the momma-worry! Congrats on having a quilt accepted for a show and for completing all those quilts! And a hearty THANK YOU to Linda for being the delivery girl!

  8. I will keep your daughter in my prayers. How wonderful to have a personal delivery. And congratulations on your juried piece - keep us updated on that.

  9. Congratulations on having your quilt accepted into the show!

    Safe travels and a great big thank you to Linda!

    Prayers to all those affected by the violent weather, your daughter included.

  10. Wow, Beth, that's awesome!! As Sharon said, be sure to keep us updated on how it goes. And I didn't hear about Chattanooga getting hit too badly by the storms (although it's a little out of my viewing area) so I'm hoping she's doing ok. Nashville didn't do too badly - most of the worst hit just south of us. Birmingham got hit bad, and my sister and her kids are there, but they're safe so far.

  11. Beth Congratulations on the art show! How wonderful!

    My brother lives in Birmingham......what a mess.

    Happy Sewing

  12. Congratulations Beth on having your quilt accepted. I can hardly wait to see it at the Long Beach Show.

  13. Wow, Beth, that's a lot going on! Congrats on your quilt - show us soon, would love to see!

  14. Will keep DD in my thoughts. How wonderful to have a friend to do a special delivery.

    Woo Hoo. Congrats on your quilt being accepted into the show. Any chance we can get a peek of it. Hugs.

  15. congrats on the acceptance of your quilt! exciting!

  16. How wonderful about your quilt being accepted into a juried exhibit! I'm not surprised - your stuff is fantastic - just excited for you!


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