Friday, April 22, 2011

last minute

Are you a last minute quilter?
I am.

The wedding is next Saturday.
I began this quilt yesterday!!!
It's say???
well....except for hand stitching the binding down.
But I didn't work too hard....
I believe the fabric did ALL the work!
Look at that super simple piecing!
Look at the large pieces used!!
The bars are 10" wide!
The border is 8" wide!
So you see...
It's kind of like one GIANT quilt block!
Isn't it?
A simple quilt block at that.

I wasn't sure I'd be making a quilt for my daughter's friend.
My daughter thought she'd like one.

I waited until I'd finished some necessary projects,
Including the quilts for Japan.....
I had my daughter choose some fabric.

I also traded some fabric with a friend.
The two green ones above are from her.
She needed some orange and I needed some green.

I used every LAST bit of the selected fabric in this quilt.
I even ran out!!!
The grey corner blocks are filling in for me. ;)

 Design elements in a quilt usually happen because
there's not enough of the desired fabric!!!


  1. Very pretty quilt. The bride will love it.

  2. That fabric is great Beth. So is the quilt and so are you!

  3. Love the fabrics and the quilt turned out great! Congratulations!

  4. Whew you are fast!! And it is a perfect gift!

  5. You are amazing! I can't believe how many quilts you can make in a month! Beautiful gift for a wedding.

  6. You are completely amazing!!!

    I know you don't sleep..... there's no time....quiltin's gotta be done!!


  7. Beth, that's beautiful - what a wonderful wedding gift!! Great fabrics, and a great simple design. Love it!!

  8. This looks great! My brother is getting married on May 7th and I'm planning to make a quilt for them....but my machine is in the shop (it's been two weeks now...) So, I hope that it ends up coming together nearly as quickly as this one did for you!

  9. Fast and beautiful. Way to go.

  10. Simple, classic, lovely colors, fun free motion quilting loops ... the little couple will love and use this charming quilt. Nice job :)

  11. Lovely quilt Beth! Some of my favorite quilts are those I made like this, quickly, with what I had on hand..not running out to buy more fabric. Our grandmas would never have done that - and don't we love all of those "grandma quilts"? Again, lovely quilt - blessings on the new couple!


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