Monday, August 9, 2010

creative frustration

I was frustrated last night.
Then I was frustrated this morning.
This little baby quilt.....36"x36".....
saved my sanity.
I kept walking over to the sewing machine
and stitching my frustration out!!

I used some flannel scraps.
See those four yellow blocks in the middle?
That's what I started with.
Then...I added some more blocks....
a couple of borders...
EVEN some rick rack!!!
Flannel backing.
The binding's even on!!!
Productive frustration!!!

Sewing therapy.
The best kind.


  1. And such cute therapy! Love the rick-rack - it makes the quilt!! Hope things are going better now.....

  2. Glad that cuteness helped to calm you! Love the ricrac.

  3. Yea. When you can't do anything else with a frustration, SEW! And now you've got a very cute little quilt. I hope things have resolved themselves by now.

  4. Rick rack, flannel, and baby quilts. The perfect happy combination. Great therapy.

  5. Nice work -- I wish I was that creative when I'm frustrated!

  6. And look at that adorable little quilt......its so bright and cheery.......
    Right now my sewing space is in total turmoil....I've got to get it cleaned up!
    (the problem is no air conditioning in the house
    and its a hot room)

    Nice inspiration Beth :0)
    Happy sewing

  7. Congrats on such a great outcome from all that frustration!


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