Friday, August 6, 2010

basket time

The quilting is done.

The binding is on....

The back is nice and textured.

The lines are nice and wonky...
I did have to rip out yesterday and sort of straighten out
a few lines around the words.
They were very hard for me to eye-ball.

After reading jacquie's blog this morning
I now have a name for these straight lines that aren't marked.
organic line quilting!!
I'm happy to be soooo close to the finish line.
Just the binding now to finish off.
woo hoo!!!
I've got so many other quilts calling my name!!
I'll add this to amy's sew and tell today.


  1. Your quilting looks amazing! I like organic lines in quilts and you did a great job!

  2. Very nice work! Some day I'll learn to quilt. It's always amazed me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Congratulations!! Beautiful quilt.

  4. This is a fabulous quilt! Beautiful job. The organic quilting lines really add a wonderful deminsion.

  5. I love the quilting on this. It is beautiful and visually interesting.

  6. Very nice! This sweet basket quilt put a big smile on my face! I like your dark thread hand quilting!

  7. I really enjoyed the freehand quilting didn't you Beth? I didn't change any of my wonky lines and some are pretty bad.

    Thank you for your always kind and supportive comments....makes me feel like we're friends :0).

    Happy sewing

  8. It looks wonderful. The quilting adds such gorgeous texture.

  9. So fabulous, Beth! What is that backing fabric?

  10. It's a beauty, Beth! Congratulations on a fabulous finish!! Will you hand quilt again, or have you had enough for a while?

  11. Congrats Beth on completing your Amish challenge quilt. I love how your baskets look. You've done a fantastic job on the hand quilting. Like those organic lines.

  12. The backing for this quilt was an extra wide piece I found in the flat fold area at a discount fabric store near me. There was no info on the selvage. I DO like it though, don't you?

  13. I love basket blocks and this is such a great quilt.

  14. Excellnt Beth. I was at that discount store this week. Unfortunately, what I needed was in the FRONT of the store.

  15. i really love this quilt
    I love baskets and well the folk art look of this quilt really appeals to me
    thanks for sharing it.

  16. Lovely! Stopping by from Sew&Tell. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)

  17. I just adore this quilt! I've watched your progress as you've worked on the quilt and really enjoyed peeking over your shoulder. Thanks for sharing this charmer. I love every bit of it! :)

  18. I love the quilting! This is such a beautiful quilt!