Monday, August 2, 2010

striped updates.

My striped quilt top is finished but I'm still
dragging my feet with the quilting part.
I found a backing....that's one step closer, huh?

I did run around and peek at what you other
striped quilters are doing.
I found out that we have some lovely things going on...
In fact Sarah has her quilt top finished!!
Marilyn has a REAL beauty on her design wall
and is going out to get more fabric.:)
I saw works in progress over at
Amy's and Jewel's creative spaces.

How is everyone else doing?
One more month of summer.
One more month of a striped challenge.
I might even have another striped quilt in me!!!

Before I finish a quilt though...
I always seem to need to have another one started.
Why is that????
I saw a quilt over at Debra's blog
and I love hers!!!
I think it will be a great pattern for
a brown and Turquoise quilt someone requested recently.

I now have a little stack of pieces.....
Ready to be sewn together.


  1. Ugh I am so bad... actually I haven't been doing any quilty stuff for nearly a month... I am making new clothes to wear to Italy. We leave in just 11 days. Eep!

  2. I've been gathering striped shirts at the thrift stores. My rule is to not pay more than $1.29 each. I've got too many blues. Do you realize how many blue striped men's shirts are out there? Hoping for some reds, lights and darks.

  3. I actually finished my striped quilt completely (even shrunk it for the crinkly effect), I just haven't blogged about it! It's a doll/baby size, but my daughter absolutley loves it. I didn't end up using shirting, but bright stripes from a jelly roll someone gave me. Once I get it blogged I'll let you know! =)

  4. Your striped quilt looks great! I almost always start another quilt before finishing one. Usually I have several in progress at a time.

  5. I never met a stripe I didn't like. :) Your quilt is fabulous! And so are the others. I like you new project, too.

  6. I usually have a few quilts going at once and a few that I have waiting "until I finish one"

    I have updated my progress-the little there is :)

    I love yours and am heading to check out everyone else's progress!

  7. I think I need to do another one when I finish this one. One completely different.

  8. I love your striped pinwheels!


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