Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I was able to pick up a needle and thread only TWICE this past week.
I worked on this mainly in the air on my way home.
and Practical.
I received some dimensions for this sofa from my
daughter's roommate last month.
I sewed up the covers for those big cushions here in
I slipped them on Sunday and handstitched the openings
in Georgia.
The girls were so happy to have the ugly cushions
covered up! Even if these didn't fit perfectly snug.

I also found out I have a sewing-soulmate
in one of my daughter's roommates.
Aren't these cute???

One for each of the girls in the apartment.
This roommate also makes homemade bread!!
I sure am missing out on that this year!!
Can I go back in time and become a college student again??


  1. You may have only picked up a needle twice this past week, but you made good use of those two times!!!

  2. Love your little artsy quilt. Wonderful.

  3. Cute pillows. And your bubble piece was great before, but now with the stitching, it's even better! I love all that texture.

  4. Well, I guess twice is better than none at all. Those are really cute pillows that your daughter's roommate made. It's tough to craft while in college, but I do remember making an occasional loaf of bread myself in those days.

  5. Beautiful!I love your quilting way! I want to take inspiration from you for my baskets quilt!

  6. Cute quilt! Wow, you've got a lot accomplished this week! Those are some crafty pillows too, what a great roommate!


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