Thursday, March 18, 2010


Here it is.
All the quilt tops that are waiting for their day.
Their "quilting" day that is.
This pile reminds me....
I've got a lot of work to do.
It also is a treasure trove when I need
a quilt....right now!

I pulled this one out yesterday for a new baby.
It began with this little piece of cute, cute fabric
I bought for $1.
Instead of cutting it up I used it for the border.

Then found some fabric I liked that kind of matched.

Those little dark squares were appliqued on.
That way I had a lot less matching to do when I was piecing.
I usually try to find the easy way! :)
And believe it or not...
Appliqueing those little squares down was quick!

This little quilt gets a life today!
I'm off to quilt and then give it away!


  1. Very cute quilt. Love the fabrics and design.


  2. I love the bunny fabric, adorable! I'm trying to finish things up too, isn't it fun to pull out a WIP and finish it up quickly?! =)

  3. I just love a stack of quilts -- or quilt tops!

  4. I also love the look of a stack of quilts..... finished, OR unfinished.....

    it's a beauty to behold!!!