Monday, March 22, 2010

crockpot queen.

I entered this quilt in a quilt show this last weekend
in Glendale, Califoria.
This is a sort of memory quilt of my Sunday afternoons:
Crockpot meals with the family including
my son and daughter-in-law and sometimes friends.
I had so much fun making this quilt!
The process of making it brought to mind all
those happy memories.
I hand appliqued all those images on there
then I machine quilted it.
I thought, if you've ever dreamed of entering a quilt show,
you'd be interested in what the judges said.

Here's a close-up of those potatoes.

Now for the judges comments!

Best features:
~Whimsical, fun quilt to explore.
~Quilting motifs are well chosen.

Areas needing improvement:
~applique stitches should be smoother and tighter.
~Strive for more precision in machine piecing.
~Strive for smaller and smoother quilting stitches.

I think the judges pretty well summed up my quilt,
don't you?
I have a long way to go when it comes to precision!
But I'm sure having a fun time getting there!

I hope that this encourages you to enter a quilt show!


  1. Ahhhh....
    true talent needn't be "judged"...
    I always...L-O-V-E your stuff!!
    you amaze me!!


  2. This one is a winner in the fun category!
    Really, I'm proud of anyone who just puts forth the effort and tries! Good for you!
    On a side note, my friend Jill won in applique-
    yippee for her!

  3. Beth, I am so proud of you! Good job. I love your fun quilt. It's a winner in my book.

  4. Too funny Beth....'Crockpot' quilt!! You are sooooo brave to enter a contest....I think I would be scared.....but, how nice to get a good critique of your work!! I think it was a good critique...they didn't just lam-bast you tons of 'what NOT to do'!!!

  5. This quilt deserves a blue ribbon, it is wonderful in all catagories! A job well done Beth!

  6. Oh, that is such a neat quilt! I love the borders and the vines and the way everything looks like it's getting ready to jump right into the pot and become something fantastic.

  7. Beth,
    Loved seeing your quilts this past weekend. I say they are just right!

  8. Your quilt is really cute and creative. The comments are encouraging. I've only entered quilts once but found the comments to be made in a constructive way rather than finding fault. Probably 'cuz quilters are caring, giving people!


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