Tuesday, March 16, 2010

spring cleaning

I did some spring cleaning.
Two windows....whoo hoo!!!
Every little bit helps over here!
I never tackle the whole house in one day!
These two clean windows will keep me satisfied
for a while....especially since these windows
are in the BOY's room.
You know what boys are like?
I took the curtains down to wash.
What a difference sunshine makes!!

I can now see the quilt that lives in here.
I made this one last year...long enough to cover
my 6 foot plus son.
Can you see all that light?

I'll hang it so you can admire it without the glare.
This one was super simple.
A bunch of 5" squares sewn into 4 patches.
black sashing that is not cotton.
I bought the black on sale at a discount place.
(about $1 - $2 a yard).
It's kind of like that fabric that you use for uniforms
that never wears out!!
I wondered how it work in this quilt.
And guess what?
It's great!
I've washed it a few times and it comes out just right.
It pays to save money and experiment!'s the reality of teenage boys.....
Other than the fact that they never let the
Sunshine in!

Dirty socks!!!!

I'm off to do laundry and vacuum dog hair.

But.....somebody loves those socks. :)


  1. Nice quilt, I like the graphic design. My son only tolerates quilts with absolutely no flowers, and you've got a nice selection of non-florals there.

    I agree about experimenting with fabric. Polyester can be very useful in hard-wearing quilts.

  2. LOL -- our dog used to carry dirty socks around like some sort of prize, but the cats steer clear of them :)

  3. My dogs like any dirty laundry that can be found. Spring is the best time ever.

  4. Those two windows are GORGEOUS! It looks like you have a stunning porch outside there---flowers, shrubs, etc.

    Considering that washing windows makes me feel better than Prozac (I've never taken Prozac though, so how should I know?), I don't know why I don't do it more often...

  5. Our dog loves socks...clean or dirty..doesn't matter! He "hides" them in corners:)

    Love your sparkling clean windows! I'm ready for some flowers on my porch, too!

  6. What a great quilt! As for the dirty socks, I just cleaned Tyler's room and I think i found 30+ socks under his bed - no wonder he had no matches:)

  7. beautiful windows!! that OPEN...and let all that marvelous fresh air in....

    we are so fortunate!!


  8. Beth! Your quilt is awesome! It's so amazing how my tastes have changed in regards to the colors used in quilts. I still mostly create quilts that have white in them, but quilts with black have made their way into my heart recently as well!


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