Tuesday, March 30, 2010

impromptu home tour....

Welcome to Nancy's house!
I had the pleasure this last weekend of
getting an impromptu tour of her
serene home.
The table is set.
Ready for a yummy meal.

Everything was neat and tidy.
She didn't know she would be giving me a little tour!
But I'm so glad she did!
Aren't you?
Wouldn't you like to sit and read a book here?
Me too.
Pretty bags that hold...
who knows?
But they sure look better than
the piles at my house.

Her kitchen.
Oh my! How beautiful!
What a restful home.
Buntings hanging in the guest bath.
Don't you think they add fun and whimsy?

What pretty colors!

We'll end this tour with a quilt
that sits on the end of her bed.
This is the quilt I made for her last year.
A thank you gift for all she does for the
many college students that she
gives to every year!
One of them is my daughter!
Red and white kind of fits in her house....
don't you think?

These scallops were a first for me!
Whoo! Hoo!
In the next post I'd like to share with you
the large collection of crossstitch
and redwork that Nancy has created!
You'll love it.


  1. I wish my house was as clean and organized. Can't wait to see her cross stitch. And what a sweet little quilt you made for her! Love the scallops!

  2. I love the red & white quilt..... how did you make the scallops???? a tutorial?? perhaps??


  3. What a beautiful home: the decor is so cheerful and bright. You quilt fits right into the serene environment.

  4. Gosh, what a beautifully decorated home. Gosh, does my home need a face-lift.

  5. One of my favorite quilts, Beth, Nancy is blessed to have it...I love the scalloped edges!


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