Thursday, March 11, 2010

one year ago.

About one year ago I went on a driving trip
and took this quilt along.
This is one of my handquilting projects.
You can't speed through those!
I knew when that driving trip was over that I was
CLOSE to being done...but this beauty went
into my "get to it later" areas at home here.
I had NO idea how close I had come to finishing.
well.....would you believe it??
20" left!!

I'm not kidding!
What a shame it had to sit there and wait for me that long!!

I pulled it out because I want to begin another
handquilting project.


Except I think I'm deleting that applique...

And handquilting simple diagonal lines.
The jury's still out for those of you who like to share
quilting wisdom. ;)

I was thinking of using a dark thread (black)
or some different colors.
Maybe I'll even use some embroidery floss.

I splurged and bought this wool batting that
I've heard is nice to hand quilt.

So....before I begin this one...
I'd better finish the last 20" on my other quilt.
Right? Right.

Here's an update on this one.
Thanks to those of you who sent some suggestions...
but I had already sewn half of these corners in!!!

I loved the input...but don't love to rip out!
My next step, I think, will be to add a brown border
top and bottom and then maybe a little more pink
to make the quilt rectangular instead of square.

Keep your comments comin'...
It sure helps keep me goin'...:)


  1. Lol, 20"?? Really??
    I like the way the liberated baskets stand out against the solid brown border. It's very crisp and clean.

  2. I LOVE your liberated Amish quilt! The colors are wonderful and the appliquè flowers simply beautiful! Great work!

  3. Mrs. Moen
    20" WAS probably an exaggeration, but I finished quilting it this morning in NO time!
    NOW I can bind and begin hand quilting the next one! Yeah!

  4. Lovin' your liberated Amish quilt. Diagonal quilting in the border will add plenty to this quilt, don'tcha think? Now that I've thought about it for a minute or so, I wonder if the applique wouldn't actually DETRACT from the uniqueness of the baskets?

  5. Personally, I like the contrast of the applique with those baskets, but you have to love the quilt!

  6. I really love the basket quilt without the did you chose the colors to quilt it with?


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