Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pink and brown.

My first completed top for the graduating high school seniors!
Whoo HOo!

Isn't it lovely?
The ladies and girls at church made all those 16 patches.
My friend Linda squared most of them up.
(which really helps when you're putting a
bunch of blocks together!
Even when you know everyone's supposed to
use a 1/4" rarely works out perfectly!)

What a wonderful team effort!

One quilt top down.
six quilts to go!!!
Deadline: JUNE!

The sewing machine's been hummin'!!


  1. Nice job! Pink and brown always look nice together.

  2. It turned out beautifully, Beth! Kristie's going to love it...thank you!

  3. Way to go Beth! Another great one. I really like how the colors look together, and also the border at the top and bottom...

  4. I really like how it looks now, and the strip borders add a lot too. Great job!

  5. How wonderful you are doing that! :) I made a quilt for my sister's HS graduation... I ended up not getting it to her by half way thru her 1st yr. of college... I'll send positive thoughts your way, that is a lot of work to do! :) :) This one looks beautiful! :)

  6. Love the colors. Just right for a senior.


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