Thursday, January 28, 2010

we're covered.

Everything at my house is covered with a quilt.
How 'bout you?
Do you find things to cover?
Every piece of furniture.
Many walls.
There's even an "I spy" quilt on my daughter's floor!

This is my first paper piecing adventure.
It was made during a class with Peggy Martin.
It was fun to learn her way of doing things
also fun to quilt with a bunch of friends!

Peggy taught us how to make those stars
and then...
I had to make it my own by adding the applique'!!
This is one of my old favorites.
It lives on my rocker.....
ready for that afternoon nap!


  1. Yes, there are quite a number of quilts laying around here too! One thing that bothers me, is when I put so much work into a quilt for someone and they put it up as not to ruin it. I made it to be used and loved!!! =) Your quilt is lovely, reminded me of a paper-piecing quilt I need to finish!

  2. Quilts everywhere here, too! Your quilt is beautiful, as is your blog! Thanks for sharing your

  3. That quilt looks pretty, homey, and comforting. The perfect quilt! I can see why it is a favorite.

  4. Quilts? just hanging around? What? I see why you find your Peggy Martin class quilt one of your favoite napping quilts.

  5. I love quilts to decorate and to add warmth. And color! BTW, your old favorite is very pretty!

  6. What a beautiful quilt -- the applique adds to the coziness of the quilt! :) Thank you for visiting me, and leaving the kind comment. Please visit again.


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