Wednesday, January 13, 2010

busy day!

I had a super busy day today with..
dr. appts, errands, etc.
The only stitches I made were a few embroidery stitches
on my redwork that haunts me.
Remember, I said I would prepare a redwork pattern
for the local quilt shop??
I need to finish it!!!
I have most of the months planned...but I need to get
all the samples ready!
Yes...I'm having some nightmares. eek!
I thought I'd share a quilt with you that doesn't give me nightmares.
It makes me smile every time!
That center pot and flowers were designed by my
friend's daughter when her mom was diagnosed with cancer.

I asked her daughter to draw me a pot with some flowers.
I said..."don't put too much detail in, because I will be using fabric"
Well, it's a lot simpler than I expected and I wondered how it would look.
Well, You guessed it.
Her mother LOVES this quilt.
She took it to all her treatments.
You can see I didn't go out and buy any fabric. :)
I had a little bit of that busy print.
I was in a hurry to make usual.

I used a lot of scraps that went with that busy print.
Wish you could see the vibrant colors!

A super simple quilt that gave my friend Belinda a big smile!

Like I've said before..the best part of quilting is
Giving them away!!


  1. You are an awesome friend. The quilt is wonderul.

  2. I so agree that it feels wonderful giving away quilts.

  3. What a sweet idea and wonderful gift! Your friend is very lucky to have such a friend.

  4. Very pretty! You're so thoughtful. I hope you're having a good day!

  5. Oh, Beth, what a beautiful quilt! I love the vibrant colors of the fabrics. You had such a wonderful, thoughtful idea in asking your friend's daughter to design the pot of flowers as the focal point of the quilt. It worked out perfectly.


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