Monday, January 18, 2010

Diana's quilt

I finally
finished this quilt!

I made the top last summer and decided it was not quite right.
So, it's been folded up with my quilt tops
waiting for an occassion!
An occassion came!!!
My musician, USC alumni/fan friend had a birthday!
The colors and theme seemed just right for her.

All I had to do (cough, cough, sputter, sputter...)
was to add a border, quilt and bind it!!
Isn't that gold swirly quilting fun?
It was fun and I don't usually really enjoy the
quilting step that much.

I even had that nice yellow in my stash for the back.
It kind of softens the quilt without clashing.
I'm especially proud that I was able to finish this
without a trip to the fabric store!
That probably means I have way too much fabric...


  1. Gosh, that turned out nice! I do like the quilting you used on it. And the binding and backing. Couldn't be better!

  2. I love trip around the world quilts. It looks wonderful.

  3. GREAT job! Love the binding (its just perfect) and the backing is wonderful! :-)

  4. Beautiful! And no, you don't have too much fabric! Is that possible?!

  5. Very pretty! I was just looking at a book earlier today that had a picture of a small trip around the world quilt -- in Amish solid colors. I'd really like to try this pattern one ofthese days.

  6. well done! looks great! without a trip to the LQS! even better!


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