Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Once in while, I get these coupons in the newspaper.
When I do, I always have to evaluate my batting supply.
I need some.
I bought one huge, gigantic roll.
40 yards.
How long will take me to use it all?

Not long.
I sure like having it on hand when I'm making quilts!
The only problem:
Where do you store something like this?
I solved it:
On top of one of the kids bunkbeds that doesn't get used.
It actually kind of hides there, the way the room is set up.

JoAnn's also had books on sale!
40% off!
Woo Hoo!!

Didn't know I needed this book until I saw it!!

Last, but not least, I bought this.
This is for a cat house (my project for this week).
I'll be making it for my son and Daughter-in-law.
They like black or it may turn
out kind of plain.

If it were for my cat, which I don't have,
I'd love to make it with polkadots and wild fabric!!
If I get it done, I'll be sharing with you, I'm sure.

Blog friends are the best!
My projects are so much more fun when I can
blab all about them!
Thanks for listening. ;)

After using coupons at JoAnn's,
I went to a thift store:
my favorite kind of store!

Look at all these buttons!!
They came in that little basket..

Last time I bought a large new button for a bag,
I think it was $3 for ONE!

And under those great buttons
I bought two cotton sheets.

Maybe I'll start collecting some vintage sheets and make a quilt!

Found these too.
I can always use sewing supplies. :)

Then, just so you know I didn't just SHOP,
I made this bag.
My friend would like one and wanted me to
make a sample for her.
Well...what do you think?

Kind of boring, huh?
Yeah, that's what I thought too.


  1. Wow sounds like a very productive day!

  2. You shopped well! Love it!!!!

  3. Who could pass up 40 yards of batting at half price? Or books for 40% off? Not me! I'm just about at the end of my Warm 'n Natural batting so your roll looks especially desirable to me.

    Sounds like you had a great day out and about. Now stay home and quilt! :o)

  4. Yes, sewing blogs are great; then my non-sewing friends don't have to listen to it all! =) I got one of those 40yd rolls when it was 50% off and I had an additional 20% off coupon (new years)..... sadly the last one only lasted 13months, so I have to get it at that price! Thanks again for sharing all your sewing fun!!

  5. Great post. LOL. I also try to use my discount coupons to buy batting and other basics. Gives me a purpose to go shopping! But I do wish I had a bunk bed that I could store a big roll of batting on the top bunk too!


  6. Wow -- you are quite the bargain shopper. I went into a JoAnns during lunch time the other day and was so much in my own little world that I didn't notice you were supposed to take a number. I thought I was standing in a line. I waited for 5-8 minutes before I noticed shopper after shopper taking a number. Then I had to wait even looooooooooooooonger (which was my own fault). They were short staffed due to illness and it took forever. I won't make that mistake again. At least I hope not (I can be quite the space cadet when I'm planning a quilt in my head) :)


  7. Very nice bag: I like the shape and the fabric. It gives me ideas for a piece of fabric I've been saving for too long.

    And excellent shopping! I love running across old button collections, and it's been awhile since I've found one. I've got a collection of old sheets waiting to become quilts. Those vintage 70s prints are my favorites.

  8. Lookd like you had a good day Beth. I had to have that same book by Freddy and Gwen. Only I got mine at Amazon. Probably paid too much for it.

  9. I like the idea of a bolt of batting too. when i get the room for it, i think hanging the bolt of batting on a big dowel would be a perfect way to store it - then cut portions off as required.

    when not in use... it can be covered with a piece of fabric (sheet) ...or.....hey ....maybe even a patchwork "bolt bag".

  10. Love Freddy and Gwen. It doesn't take long to accumulate those sheets.......when you wanna swap let me know.


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