Thursday, January 7, 2010

hanging little quilts

Inspiration for your Thursday!
Isn't this quilt looking great??
Looks like Linda is almost done with the applique in this corner
and then she will do some more in the opposite corner.
SO-o-o pretty!

Here's another little contribution to the

It's only 8"x12"
Little and fun!

Plus, I learned something!
Always a good thing. :)

See those little triangles at the top corners of these?
I have never used this kind of hanging method,
but noticed it was the first one listed on the
web site at AAQI.
You can see I still need to do my hand stitching on the bindings.
After attaching those triangles, I wondered if this
method would work for a quilt that has been giving me some

I attached some triangles to the corners of this quilt
that would not stay flat on the wall...
No matter what I did!
You can see I still have the little blue sleeve behind there
that I had been using before.
I'm lazy and didn't want to remove it.
Plus, maybe those little triangles weren't going to work...?
Well......after tucking a thin dowel into the triangles...

It DID work!
My little 100's chart will now hang flat on the wall.
Hanging it straight....
That's another story.


  1. And is there a story about that cute quilt. 100 chart?

  2. Wow. I love all of your goodies.

  3. Thanks for the great idea, and I love your 100 quilt! Hey, I did make that backpack for Sophie, will be posting pics soon as we get some sun - or something close -

  4. Just shows to go ya that we can always learn something new, eh? Very clever, that idea for hanging quilts. Gonna try it. :o)


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