Friday, January 8, 2010

true confession.

Here's what I did NOT make for Christmas.
Wow! That's a lot.
Well, six kids, one daughter-in-law, and one husband.
EIGHT pajamas bottoms.
I didn't do it.

I even bought some men's t-shirts to decorate and coordinate
with the bottoms for the big girls.
I still didn't do it.

My little prototype.
I was going to add little ruffles to the bottoms of
all the girls to liven up that inexpensive flannel I bought.
I didn't do it.

Then AFTER Christmas....
I talked to my big girl who goes to college
far away.
I thought I should at least get hers done!
"Would you like some pj bottoms?" I asked.
"Yes. But NO ruffle please" she replied.
"And I want to roll the top down a little."
Very plain.
Oh well.
She'll wear them and hopefully know....
Her Mama cares.
And that's what counts!
Maybe the others will be made here and there....
We'll see.
I've sure got enough fabric!
I'm adding this to amylou's sew and tell.


  1. Don't feel bad Beth. I'm sure there are a bunch of us who haven't finished certain projects we were planning.

    Maybe you can give them as birthday gifts?

  2. Ohhh, we all have lots of projects that didn't get done. :) At least I do. They'll be excited to get them later.

  3. hey one pair is better than none. i have lots of piles that were meant to be things....some so old i can not remember what anymore.

  4. There's always more that could have been done - but your fam were probably all overloaded with presents already. They will be so surprised and grateful when they get them later! And good for you for your finish!

  5. I agree with Lesly; you have to stop somewhere, there will always be another good idea, good intentions and something more to make. Think of the head start you now have on ideas for birthday presents or next Christmas.
    I still have to finish a small quilt that should have been finished mid Dec.
    The PJs looks great!

  6. I am seriously thinking about making some PJ bottoms for my son who is 4. I find the ready made ones too short and if I buy the next size up they fall down. He probably won't get any frills though.

  7. I have been wanting to make some pj bottoms! I LOVE yours!
    I didn't get all my gifts made either, but the gifts are still on a list to finish (sometime!)

  8. Hey, a lot of us didn't get to finish all the things we thought we were going to finish!!! Me included!!

  9. BUT if you had photographed and listed all the things you DID get done before Christmas, all the rest of us would have to hang our heads in shame. So I'm personally kinda glad you only highlighted the one thing you DIDN'T get done!

    Flannel PJ bottoms and a soft t-shirt sound awfully good tonight. Wind blowing and going down toward 0°!

  10. Seems perfectly normal to me......

  11. That's a short list compared to what I didn't get done! Someday ...

  12. Awww... been there, done that. At least you have a great sense of humor about it all! Just think of it as a head start on next year. ;o)

  13. aww, but the ruffle's so cute!! I guess though, I wouldn't have wanted a ruffle when I was in college either. And at least you got hers done, now you have all year to do the others!

  14. Geesh, too bad I didn't have my machine, I could have helped!

  15. Such a cute post. My list of things wanted to do but undone is way longer than my completed list. I'm sure we are all that way at times. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I can relate to this post. I had way more on my christmas list to make than I ended up doing. Think I need to start earlier this year.


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