Sunday, January 24, 2010

sewing party.

Did you know you were invited to a virtual sewing party Saturday night?
I found out kind of late and contemplated attending.
But I wondered...
"How am I going to go to a party, blog and
sew something all at the same time?"
I wasn't sure I was up to the challenge.

I was inspired to make something for
Valentine's Day though!
I pulled a few pieces of pink out of myscrap drawer.
Started sewing some pieces together.
Cut a few pieces.
Sewed some more pieces together.
That orange spices things up...don't you think?
Then I simply put flannel on the back,
quilted and added a pink binding.
My little placemat will live
in the middle of my busy table this month.
Thanks to Jan and Kelly for hosting the party...
maybe next time I'll figure out how to attend! ;/


  1. Really nice little mat, and I definitely like the orange. Great fabrics :)


  2. I love your creativity! Yes, adding my favorite color (orange!) does add that special zing to the placemat.

    I'm going to haul out my Valentine's Day decorations today . . . only three weeks until the big day.

  3. Very cute, Beth! It will so brighten up your table! I admit, it was a bit crazy -- sewing, partying, and blogging -- but it was an UBER fun crazy! Hope you'll be able to join us next time -- we're already plotting another party (giggle)!

  4. Hi Beth,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. It was great to "meet" you.

    I love the colours of your placemat. So cute.

  5. The colours are lovely, very cute placemat!

  6. That is great! I love the orange in there, and I love having a mini-V-day project o brighten up the table.

  7. Very nice mat. Love the cheery colors.

  8. A very sweet placemat!Love the pink/orange colour combination, so cheery!

  9. How fun is that? I love the colors of your placemat. It will be fun to look at every time you walk by the table. Great job!

  10. this is the color combo

  11. I love the pink, purple, orange color scheme!

  12. Love these colours - this is a great placemat!

  13. It looks lovely and its completely finished. Bet you that feels good.

  14. Sometimes "come as you are" is the most fun--I agree on the orange. Nice job!

  15. Love the colour choices! This is a cute little mat! Great job!

  16. Very cute! Love the colors and the randomness of it! It looks lovely.

  17. The colors are great together. The universe must have been sending out "make placemats" vibes because a few other people, including myself posted placemats on the sew n tell.

  18. Great color combination!!! Really pretty placemats. Thanks for sharing.


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