Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My flowers sure enjoyed the rain this last week.
Actually the flowers are only possible because of my
husband's care. If it were up to me...
I don't think I'd be enjoying them at all.

I received a little package a couple of days ago.
Fabric with a plan!
Shelly had it all worked out for those of us who
signed up for the modern quilting bee.

She sent two triangles cut from newspaper,
fabric, and some very clear instructions.
There's a tutorial on her blog!!!
I enjoyed making these little blocks and
hope to send them off to her soon!

I just love getting things done!
Then I can cross them OFF my list!

Here's what I'm working on when I'm avoiding
all the things I should be doing!
I made some more blocks.
Looks like we need some more handles and
some more feet on those baskets.
Can you find the one that's complete?
Right there in the middle.
As I looked at these and played around with placement...

I found out I kind of like those blocks with all strips!
Now what should I do??
I will ponder some more.....
And sew some more....

You can see I have a lot to think about!!

It's Happy thinking though!


  1. Hmm, you do have some dilemmas. Personally, I like the idea of mixing in some all stripe blocks, leaving some baskets with handles, and some without. That would give you a very dynamic quilt!

    PS Do you mind if I link to this for the Workshop in Progress?

  2. Another productive day for you Beth. You go girl.

  3. Your baskets are looking great! I also like the idea of some blocks without handles.

  4. I like the foundation blocks. Very creative

  5. Hmm, not sure what I think about having those striped blocks along with the basket blocks. A few of those but mostly baskets would look great, I think. And I love the stripy baskets and the teal handles - awesome colours!

  6. Wondering what would happen if you threw in some solid blocks (brown?) along with the basket and striped blocks . . . ?

  7. This is kinda cool. I like the strippy alternate blocks. The frame for the baskets is a good visual separation. Some bowls is good, too; the feet super cute!


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