Saturday, January 16, 2010

quilt show=adventure

I went to a quilt show yesterday with my friend Jennifer.
We weren't looking for adventure...
but adventure found us anyways!

1. Your's truly got a little lost getting there.
2. Chloe', the littlest member of our party (2 years old), got car sick
during the 1 hour plus drive there.
Was it my crazy driving?
3. We were not allowed to use a stroller at the show.

Mind you...I looked at the web site the night before.
I remembered that there was a quilt show somewhere,
at sometime that did not allow strollers.
I wondered...."Is it a rule at tomorrow's show?"

I looked and looked.
No rule that I could find.
And if YOU find it...well, maybe I'll have to eat my hat.:)
We still had a good time looking at these beautiful quilts.
I wondered...
"Do I even know HOW to make a quilt?"
My quilts are just Kindergarten stuff compared to what we saw.

Jennifer and I took turns carrying her precious little
bundle around the show.
We weren't going to be staying long,
so that we could both get back to pick up
kids afterschool!

Chloe' was an angel!
I couldn't believe how easy it was....
Even though we DIDN't have one of those
handy, dandy strollers!
Well...Jennifer may say it was a heavy morning. :)

It was very crowded,
So I guess I understand the rule.
I told management....
"PLEASE, Please, please....advertise your rule!!"
and put it in bold for me. :)

Isn't this lovely?

Look at all that detail.

And next time you go to a quilt show,
don't be surprised it you get more than
you bargained for!


  1. I too was at the show yesterday. I actually had not paid attention to the no stroller rule. Thinking back on it I think it must be coming quite common, as I've not seen any strollers at a quilt show in a few years. Hymm. Sorry, but I'm happy to know your little bundle was good for you. I really enjoyed this show. Amazing quality and inspiration!


  2. I don't think your quilts are kindergarten stuff at all. Rather, i think they're lovely and quite practicle.

    That's what i'm hoping to strive for..... practicle quilts that are meant to be used and enjoyed.

    strollers.....well i have to say i can understand the rule.

  3. When I go to a quilt show, I always vacillate between being inspired and depressed! But then I remind myself that we each have our own styles and strengths. There is rustic and refined. Traditional piece work and modern art quilts. Who's to say one is better than the other? And if our work brings us joy . . . then that's what counts.

    Your quilting, by the way, is totally inspired!


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