Monday, January 11, 2010

a fun morning!

A couple of days ago I made some of these quilt blocks...
With a few of my friends from church.

We had a wonderful time!!

We finished off the coffee in no time...
Was it because of that yummy new "coconut Creme" creamer?

We ate almost all of the bagels and muffins.

And this is how it All began.
With 2 1/2" strips...cut the width of the fabric.
We had a lot of strips to choose from.
I cut a bunch before the meeting and had two piles.
One pile for the boys with blues and other "boy" colors....
One pile for a girl with pink and brown.

These quilts are being made for the high school seniors
graduating this year, who attend my church.

We sewed two strips together.
Cut that in half and then sewed those two together.
See what happens?
A nice strata.

one helpful hint: press the seams
ONE direction at this point. :)

Cut that into 2 1/2" pieces and then lay them out like this.
If you pressed correctly, the seams will automatically be going
in different directions! Just what we want!
sew together.
Usually you can get two of these 16 patch blocks out of only
TWO strips.

We were productive.

VERY productive!!

PLUS!.... we had fun together!!


  1. The blocks look great! They are going to make gorgeous quilts.

  2. Gal pals are so great! (Do guys ever do fun-type stuff like this together?)

  3. Great idea for the blocks, and one more way you could use up scraps! Are you going to use sashing?


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