Thursday, January 14, 2010

crafty morning.

My friend Jennifer came over last week and finished up
these super cute cubes to organize her crafty things.
We "loosely" used the pattern that AmandaJean has on her blog.
Aren't they great?

Then she came over again today and paid me a huge compliment.
She brought over the supplies she thought she would need to
make the bibs I blogged about 2 days ago.
Isn't there a quote about the best form of flattery being
imitated?? wish I could remember the quote.
Well, she flattered me. :)
And I do believe her bibs are cuter than mine.
I know they're softer!!

AND easier, because she bought the right size towels!

Then...since she really wanted to get a lot done....
she made this Bible cover for her husband.
The best part...
She used an old pair of pants!!


  1. OK, I love those containers. Love them........

  2. Love the bins! Those are on my to-do list this year. Bibs are so cute, what a great little project!

  3. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

    That's what happens when you put your great ideas out there for sharing! You should be flattered!

  4. Cool Ideas! :) Thanks for sharing.


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