Monday, November 9, 2009

joseph's coat

I joined a quilt along last week.
Here's my second block.
My first block was a race to the finish, so the points
didn't match as well as this one.
wellllll, they say practice makes perfect!
I know I have a lot of practice ahead.
I was really trying to be first. :)
Kellie, who is hosting this particular quiltalong was offering a prize
for the first block done!
I love a challenge!!
But....I came in second!!
I did not buy the stitch and wash product she recommends.
I couldn't find it in time.
After struggling with the first block I've decided to
just draw the design on the muslin with a pencil line.
Then I'm doing needle turn as I applique on the those pretty petals.
That's why, if you look closely, the outside edges of the
circle are still raw edges.
I think we will be joining the blocks there,
but the instructions have not been sent out yet.
I think I will have fun with this quilt and will
have a take-along project for a LONG time!
49 blocks!!!

Look at what I did with the little scraps!
One of my friends admired the fabric.
I couldn't resist making this, since her
birthday coincided with her sweet comment!

Now she has a little bit of that fabric for herself!!


  1. Love your Josephs Coat block Beth. I haven't started yet but am thinking of doing mine on black so just drawing on and doing needlepoint may be the way to go.
    That pincushion is so cute.

  2. Great block and what a fun projecxt.

  3. ooo I love the fabrics you used! and your block turned out wonderfully!!

    ~ candace

  4. Beth your Joseph Coat looks great, I wanted to join in but drafting a patern is not my skill of expertise.

  5. Ooooh, love that applique block you're working on! Makes me want to start something like it.

    I love piecing at the machine but sometimes ya just want some handwork that you can sit and relax with.

    Would like to see more of that block as it progresses.

  6. Your block is beautiful Beth! I know the special someone who's having a birthday will love the pin cushion...especially since it's from you!

  7. i am tempted to join in that quilt along, but oy...there is only so much time in a day!!! i will happily sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else's progress. :)

  8. What a pretty block - and a lot of hand applique - 49 blocks... I love your choice of fabric!

  9. I was going to blog my thank you but it has been a crazy week!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love it!

    This is one of those little "God takes care of the small things." Teddy ate my pin cushion about a month ago. Granted it looked like an apple so who could resist. I have been trying to keep myself to a small sewing budget so I have been using a Tupperware container for my needles, and have the little holes in my finger to prove it.

    Thanks again!

  10. Super cute! I love the block! And the pincushion is a great scrap buster and a very thoughtful gesture!

  11. Love your fabrics and block! Good job! You are the sweetest for just whipping up that beautiful pincushion for your friend! So thoughtful!

  12. As well, I will be taking in the progress of the Joseph's Coat Quilt-a-Long from the sidelines......a girl's gotta know her limits. I know, I know, this is a Mom of five talking to a Mom of six!! You go girl.

  13. Your block is beautiful! 49 blocks... wow... and love your pin cushion!

  14. That pin cushion is beautiful! The fabrics are wonderful! :)

  15. These fabric combinations are really beautiful...

  16. Love the pincushion!!!...

    I've heard of filling pincushions with crushed shells, silica, and of course batting. What do you use?



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