Tuesday, November 24, 2009

100!!! give away!

I made something for YOU!!
Since my blog started with a pincushion...
I thought I would GIVE a pincushion to celebrate!
100 POSTS! I really can't believe it's here already!
This blog has made my sewing time so-o-o much more friendly.
(for lack of a better word)
You have saved my NON-sewing friends.
They don't have to hear me BLAB on and on about all
the FUN things I'm making anymore.
(well....once in a while I blab) :)
YOU listen!!
Actually I talk to you, my blog friends, the whole time I'm sewing!
I especially appreciate those sweet ladies who rarely miss a post and comment!
YOU know who you are!
Thank you!

Here's where I got that little bit of fabric to make the pincushion.
I'm making a "million" of these blocks and have lots of leftover...
itty bitty pieces.
That fabric is SO pretty!
I'm SO crazy!
I sew those little bits together and get things like...
LOVELY pincushions for my friends!
Maybe I'm not so CRAZY after all.
I'll pick a number tomorrow morning!
24 hours!!
Make a comment and tell me....
How many pincushions do YOU own??
I own SEVEN!
Truthfully...I'm tempted to make a few pincushions and have
MULTIPLE winners...
I should probably see how my FIRST give away goes....huh?


  1. Lovely, Beth! Congrats on getting to 100, it will take me awhile to be there!!

    Adorable little pin cushion!


  2. I love these fabrics!!!! currently I own 19 pincushions.. but its because I made a bund for a craft fair and they didnt sell :) so now Im saving them for present toppers at christmas time! congrats on getting to 100 posts by the way! thats awesome!

  3. I love that block you are making a million of. Can't wait to see more. I think I own 2 pincushions that I use and about 20 that I don't use.

  4. Congratulations on 100 posts, Beth!
    I have 3 pin cushions of which the one that my daughter made for me for my birthday 10 years ago is in use.

  5. I have 2, but none are as cute as the one in your picture! ;)

  6. Hi Beth*

    Congratulations on 100 posts! I always love to see what you have put your energy into.

    By the way, I own 2 pincushions. ;)

  7. I have six, but two are my favorite. Your pincushion is a cute one, and congrats on 100 posts!

  8. Well since I found out I have a collection of pincushions now (I have counted 23 in open sight) I most definitely want to be in on this giveaway Beth. 100 posts, wahoo!

  9. Way to go on the 100 posts! I have 2 pincushions and hope to make some myself :)
    Looking forward to the next 100 :)

  10. So pretty! I would love to be in your give away! I know what you are talking about. Blogging friends do listen and they do talk back. I understand completely. I actually got to sew today. I had a ball. Sweet hubby went hunting. I love hunting(sewing)!

  11. Congratulations on your 100th post - I only have one pin cushion (the basic one with the strawberry on it that you can buy anywhere) - I have made a couple but those were for other people. I love the block you are making for the Joseph's Coat quilt along. I am working on finishing up number 6 right now!

  12. Hi Beth!
    Wow, 100 posts already, huh? Good job!! Glad you're having so much fun with it. I really enjoy seeing what you are making and never get tired of hearing about it so please continue to share "in person" too!

    I have 2 pincushions...the one Gerda made me and the one I made that you taught us at the women's reteat.


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