Friday, November 20, 2009

music bag

I blogged about these W-A-Y back in July!
Did anyone wonder what I was going to do with all this??
I did!
After making many of these silky hexagons, I was advised
by a wise quilter..
"Silk is thin and fragile...especially old ties,
So don't make a quilt or especially a bag and expect it
to HOLD UP."
There went my dream of a quilt or bag!!

So I'll use them as embellishments!
I like this!
I'll add this to AmyLou's sew and tell friday!

First I appliqued those hexagons on a long rectangle.
Then I added some batting and quilted the lines.

I added a simple lining and handles.

The back...Simple.
It's just the right size for my choir and piano music.
Love it!

And YOU know I have lots of those little hexagons left...
You're so smart!
What am I going to do with them all???


  1. How very trendy and tres chic! Very modern and the colors are very, very calming! Read through the last couple of days I've missed and you've been busy!

    Thanks for sharing such a pretty bag with such a musical purpose!


  2. Great bag!

    As for all those other hexagons you have? ...I say throw out the advice of the "wise quilter" and go for the quilt!
    If other people's wisdom keeps us from our own creative exploration, it was false wisdom and we should turn a deaf ear!

  3. I love your music bag, Beth! I too have lots of silk ties just waiting to be made into something pretty, so I like the idea of using them as embellisment.

  4. That is a great bag...and now I know what I am going to do with all those ties I have...make hexagons...

    I love to embellish things...and your bag is really cool!!!

  5. The rest of the hexagons? Make table runners for gifts and applique them around all four sides as a border. (Table runners don't get the wear and tear or washing nearly as much as a quilt.) The center of the runner could be a solid fabric with quilted cross-hatching on it . . . simple.

    The idea of using hexiagons as embellishments is getting filed away for future use!

  6. I love the bag! My husband needs a music bag for when he plays in church and this could very well be a manly bag :)

  7. Great use of these sweet things--I'll bet you can find a million places for the hexes. I like the table runner idea, too.

  8. Very cute music bag or any kind of bag for that matter.

  9. I love the simplicity of the bag. But yet it's very stunning. Love this!

  10. Great bag! What about a table runner/placemat that wouldn't be subject to high traffic.

  11. Very trendy,chic bag. I love it and a great way to use up some hexies.
    As for the rest????

  12. Very neat! I have been saving ties, too, but have no idea what to do with them. But of course I was thinking a quilt. Now I guess I should find something different. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Nice finish on your bag. I love your hexagons appliqued on, and your colored quilt lines give it a 'now' look. You did great!

  14. Great idea! Little hex embellishments. I don't think I could do enough hexes for an entire quilt but for decoration on something? Totally doable. great job!

  15. That is cute! I don't know how you guys do those little hexagons. I guess I shouldn't knock it til I try it. I guess I just have a hard time sitting still to do handwork like that....

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. What a great idea! Love your very cute and creative bag embellishment. And it's useful, too! Now what WiLL you do with the rest of those hexies? LoL

  17. love those little hexy's! What a cute idea, putting them on a bag!

  18. Nice bag and really original! I made a small "dressy" bag using some silk english paperpieced tumbling blocks and it has held up OK. Of course I only use it on special occasions and I lined it with some strong/stiff cotton. When it isn't in use (or on loan like right it is at a wedding on a quiting friends arm) then I hang it on a hook in my bedroom so I still get to enjoy it...functional art!

  19. keep on embellishing...those are adorable little additions. great idea and super finish

  20. Great idea to use your hexagons that way. These embellishments are adorable. I would think there are so many projects you could use your hexagon embellishments for...or go for it and make the quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  21. ooo love this bag. very good idea.


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