Tuesday, November 3, 2009

another start

I put my name on Jacquie's list.
I said I would finish 5 UFOs before the end of the year.
I looked at these squares.
They were cut by a sweet older lady who then gave them to ME!
4" squares....all ready to go!!
I like that gingham. Don't you?

Instead of finishing.
I'm beginning.

I added some fabric squares from my stash.

Mama Pea inspired me to make a 9 patch.
I love 9 patches.

But, I've never tried a disappearing 9 patch.
I now have a NEW UFO!!!


  1. I thought about joining Jackie's UFO challenge.. but I chickened out! LOVE what you are doing with these squares. Really beautiful.

  2. Those are very pretty prints, and they lend themselves beautifully to a disappearing 9 patch.

    LOL -- always fun to start a new project/UFO :).

  3. very nice. Now you just need to finish 6.

  4. I love your disappearing 9-Patch! Do you have a Fairy Quiltmother? You always seem to end up being the recipient of such neat gifts of fabrics from other people. (I think it has something to do with what goes around, comes around. You're so giving . . . so you get!)

  5. I love favorite pattern lately...very cute!

  6. I love the colors in this - they are so sweet!

  7. These colors are beautiful! Love the soft peachy tone with the blue the the DNP is working great on this.


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